Face-to-face and online training

Need professional training in collecting, analyzing and reporting on data?

We provide practical training for business people who need to have hands-on skills in managing data and presenting numerate information to their stakeholders.

Our courses follow proven learning methods to quickly boost your ability to collect, analyze and forecast business and financial data --  helping you generate insights that support better business decisions.

You can take our training in the boardroom, in a classroom, live on the web, as an online tutorial or from your PC or a book.




Presenting the Numbers

Better Business Decisions

Financial Modelling

Choose from proven specialist courses designed to meet your company's needs for effective data collection, analysis and presentation.  We work with a range of desktop products including Excel, Tableau, Smartsheet and QlikView.

Select from pre-designed courses, or we can develop training packages specifically for your organization.




Business Analysis

Successful enterprises make the most out of the information available to them. They derive value from the numbers driving their business – and this course presents a wide range of practical skills in managing these numbers.

Using the Filtered website, this course will take you through a proven, structured process to improve your ability to collect, analyze and forecast information to generate valuable insights and make well-supported business decisions.

Based around hands-on exercises and solutions easily adaptable to your own workplace, this course provides a combination of written materials, screenshots, videos and over 60 professional spreadsheet models.




Excel for Customer Service Professionals

If you want to boost your skills in handling customer service and call center information, then 'Excel for Customer Service Professionals' is for you.  It is presented through My Online Training Hub.

This course will show you step-by-step how to increase your efficiency and accuracy in collecting and analyzing data, creating forecasts and generating clear, meaningful charts and reports.

Built on more than ten years of practical classroom and on-the-job training sessions, the course segments and examples are especially designed for professionals working in a customer service or call center environment: supervisors, managers, team leaders and resource planners.